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Urban Forestry and Urban Agriculture

Canadian Urban Forest Network
"As an advocacy group for Canadian Urban Forestry, our mission is to increase awareness of the urgent issues facing Canada's urban forests and to stimulate action to address those issues. Our vision for Canadian towns and cities is a canopy of trees, sheltering and protecting our communities; part of a green infrastructure that promotes habitat, healthy air, clean water, quality of life and economic prosperity." Posted May 28, 2006

Urban and Peri-Urban Forestry: Case Studies in Developing Countries
"FAO's work in urban and peri-urban forestry aims to integrate the environmental, social and economic role of trees and forests in an urban environment in light of the rapid urbanisation processes, migration fluxes and impact of cities on the rural environment. Efforts have been concentrated on examining the potential role of urban forestry in developing countries, on increasing awareness of the issue, on developing practical techniques, providing policy advice to city planners, and on improving documentation and overall accessibility to information on the subject." Posted April 5, 2000

Exploring Urban Non-Timber Forest Products: The Hidden Nutritional, Economic, Cultural, and Educational Resources of the Urban Environment.
Urban Non-Timber Forest Products (NTFPs) are anything that can be collected or grown in the urban forest including fruits, nuts, sap, craft materials, mushrooms, etc. Individuals and groups in Baltimore currently collect and use over 96 different products (updated in Summer/99 newsletter) from the urban forest for personal consumption, raw market sale and processed market sale. These include Chinese chestnuts, berries, maple sap, woodland mushrooms, gingko fruits, figs, peaches, honey, and decorative greens and cones. Updated November 27, 2001

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