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Children and Urban Agriculture

School Gardens
This is where we list new links to school garden resources. "The food garden increases their sense of wonder. It's pretty magical, but at the same time, it demystifies the concept of food production."

Growing Chefs (video)
Some Vancouver chefs have decided to share their love of food - and growing it from scratch with some eager young apprentices at local elementary schools. "...our four classes, Grades 1-4, managed to grow their own lettuces, beans, peas, beet greens, and in one case, radishes! Guided by our chefs, the students learned to prepare a Green Bean Stirfry and a Chilled Snap Pea and Mint Soup. Not bad for six to nine year olds!" Posted November 28, 2007

School children project - If you're planning a play or an event that requires toddler's or a children's costumes, City Farmer recommend Pure Costumes. Voted best family friendly site online.

Turning the Earth: A Month-by-month Guide to Your School Garden
"We have created a series of activities that can be used in any order. Flexibility is key, taking advantage of weather and serendipitous opportunities to use the garden. We hope that teachers will take children in to the garden regularly to draw, to sit and listen, to enjoy a story read in the open air, to write poetry, to be outdoors in a quiet and peaceful space that is their own, as well as following specific lessons that reach the objectives of the science curriculum." Posted September 18, 2007

Seed To Seed: Food Gardens in Schools
The 90 page, A4 shaped book is available free as a downloadable coloured pdf, and as a black and white book for $20 post paid within Australia from Seed Savers. "The book is for teachers and parents on gardens that are biodiverse, organic and water-wise with low inputs and the full plant cycle from seed to seed. Chapters include the reasons for gardens in schools, planning, planting and maintaining, how to harvest and eat the garden and how to save seeds." Posted August 16, 2007

The Garden is the Best Classroom
"Merri Schwartz, pastry chef at C Restaurant, spent this past spring piloting her Growing Chefs program at Champlain Heights Elementary in East Vancouver. The program matches volunteer chefs with classrooms of Grade 1, 2, or 3 students. Over the course of three and a half months, chefs visit the classroom, helping kids plant and then harvest an indoor vegetable garden." Posted November 2, 2006

Setting up and Running a School Garden - A Manual for Teachers, Parents and Communities (FAO Publication)
"In preparing this manual, intended to assist school teachers, parents and the wider community, FAO has drawn upon experiences and best practices derived from school garden initiatives all over the world. Classroom lessons are linked with practical learning in the garden about nature and the environment, food production and marketing, food processing and preparation, and making healthy food choices." (in English, Spanish and French) Posted June 8, 2006

School Children Are Setting Up Gardens To Feed The Poor And To Give Fresh Produce To Food Banks
"Farmers, backyard gardeners and groups across the county have begun planting seeds and tilling land in a unified effort to keep the Thurston County Food Bank's shelves stocked. Farm land that would normally lie fallow and surplus vegetables that would otherwise go to waste have found a new purpose." Posted May 10, 2006

Upper Canada College Prep School Gets Back to the Garden
"Upper Canada College is a day and boarding school for 1400 boys from kindergarten to grade 12. Founded in 1829 and situated on a 43-acre campus in the heart of Toronto, it is the oldest independent school in Ontario. The learning garden is just one project - certainly the most joy-giving one to date - in UCC's Green School for the 21st Century initiative."
Posted March 5, 2006

School Children Gardening - Photos 1914-1918: Slideshow
"These wonderful photos are in the Library of Congress, Prints and Photographs Division, Washington. They remind us that earlier generations were as excited as we are today about the potential of teaching kids about food gardening." Posted November 7, 2005

FAO Supports School Gardens: Education and Nutrition go Together - support by farmers and parents is essential
"Since 1997, over 150 school garden microprojects have been supported by FAO's TeleFood programme in more than 40 countries. Larger FAO technical cooperation projects are under way, including capacity-building for long-term national school garden programmes. " Posted August 5, 2005

Development of City Farms by Street Children: Mumbai, India
"A project to improve the socio-economic condition of destitute children through integrated environmental management: The pilot project would be conducted in a city school to create a farm within its premises with the involvement of street children. The street children would be given technical training to implement the technique. The farm produce, preferably flowers, fruits or vegetables, would be sold in the retail market through the school." Updated July 20, 2005

An Exploration of School Gardening and Its Relationship to Holistic Education
"My paper includes an integration of diverse disciplines, past personal experiences, and an exploration of school gardening as a potential vehicle for holistic education. It explores the commonalties between the disciplines of urban agriculture, ethnobotany, horticulture and human culture, landscape architecture, environmental education and holistic education. " Posted May 23, 2004

Growing Sites: The Use of Gardening and Farming in Youth Development Projects
"Throughout North America, there is a growing movement of community-based youth farm and garden projects. Young people are participating in the transformation of their communities, as well as themselves by growing and distributing healthy, organic vegetables." (35,000 word thesis) Posted November 28, 2001

Sustainability from the children's perspective - A journey through the landscape of German children's city farms
"In a survey among city farms and farm like projects in six European countries, I found that projects with just 1 hectare (2,5 acres) size host as many as 60.000 visitors a year. The numbers of visitors tend to increase up to a size of 2 hectares (with 200.000 vistors a year)." Oliver Ginsberg Posted September 18, 2000

Adventure playgrounds and city farms in Europe and what they contribute to sustainable urban development.
A comparative survey on adventure playgrounds and city farms in 6 European countries (Denmark, UK, The Netherlands, France, Switzerland & Germany) in English and German. Posted September 18, 2000

Involving Children In Children's Gardens - Farm In The City
"The mission of Farm in the City was to educate children about the environment, food, creativity, and the importance of diversity, in our communities and in the natural world." (6,000 words) Posted January 27, 1999

Rediscovering the Animation Playground
Landscape Architect, Oliver Ginsberg in Berlin, Germany wrote this research paper on the contribution of adventure playgrounds and city farms to sustainable development in Europe. Posted January 25, 1999

The Grandview U'uqinak'uuh Community Schoolyard
Includes: the community garden, the bosque, the outdoor classroom, the feature landmark, the school garden, the butterfly garden, the hummingbird garden, the Mound, the dissipation pond, and the ethnobotanical garden. Posted January 26, 2000

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