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International Symposium:

Urban Agriculture and Horticulture
The Linkage with Urban Planning

Domäne Dahlem, Berlin, 7.-9. July, 2000

Organised by:



Heide Hoffmann, Dr. Priv.Doz (Humboldt University, Berlin); Kosta Mathéy, Prof. Dr. (ISPJAE, TRIALOG)

Scientific Advisory Committee:

Ruben Bancrofft, Prof. Dr. (ISPJAE, Havana), Yves Cabannes, Dr., (UMP-AL, Quito), Maria Caridad Cruz (Fundacion de la Naturaleza y el Hombre, Havana/Cuenca), Ulli Fuhrke, Dipl. Ing. (Hidup, Bali, Indonesia)., Christine Furedy, Prof. Dr. (University of York, Toronto)., Bernd Geyer, Prof. Dr. (Humboldt Uni , Berlin)., Herbert Giradet, (Urban Futures, London), Hans-Günther Kaufmann, Prof. Dr. (Humboldt Universität zu Berlin), Beacon Mbiba (University of Zimbabwe, Harare), Luc Mougeot, Dr. (IDRC, Ottawa), Jonas Rabinovich (UNDP, Washington DC), Jac Smit (TUAN, Washington, DC, USA), Henk De Zeeuw, ETC, Leusden, NL

Context and aim of the Symposium:

Most of highly developed ancient societies benefitted from the advantages of urban gardens. Modern societies, though much more urbanized, generally forgot about this rich culture. Only very recently, faced with increasing poverty and ecological degradation, the potentials of Urban Agriculture and Horticulture are being rediscovered.

The advantages of Urban Agriculture are manyfold: better nutrition, less loss of food from transport and storage, poverty reduction through income opportunities and possible home production, education leisure, and - last not least - a greener city with all its ecological benefits.

Hence, international Development Agencies are establishing special investigation into the issue, and new University careers in the subject have recently been opened in the Americas and elsewhere. A quick search in the Internet will provide hundreds of links under the term 'Urban Agriculture'. However, the practical implementation of the concept still remains an uncoordinated practice in most cities and its smooth integration into modern urban life and planning requires more research, ingenuity and mediation between the stakeholders involved. The objective of this symposium is to update and compare the link between research, practitioners, trainers and supporters. Special emphasis will be put on placing Urban Agriculture, which in the past was predominantly discussed between agronomists and economist, on the agenda of Urban Planning, Housing and Landscape Design, too.

Examples of topics to be discussed at the Symposium include:


The symposium is linked to URBAN 21, the World Conference on the future of cities - which follows on from the UNCHS Habitat II conference held in Istanbul 1996. The number of participants in the symposium and its field visits will be limited to fifty practitioners, scientists and donors who already have good experience in the topic. This will allow a productive two-way communication about the issues to be raised. All participants are expected to con-tribute a significant input in form of paper, exhibition, video etc. The results of the event will be made available in form of a CD-Rom


Friday 7.7.2000

09:00 Welcome and opening

10:00 Introductory lectures: Urban Agriculture and Planning - the missing link

Urban Agriculture and Urban patterns: Implications for Sustainability - Nasr, Joe Smit, Jac - The Urban Agriculture Network, Washington, DC - Global

Urban Agriculture and Urban Planning: what should be taken into consideration to plan the city of the 21st century? Cabannes, Yves Dubbeling, Marielle - UMP-LAC, Urban Management Programme HABITAT-UNDP, Quito - 7 cities in Latin America

The impact of industrial and transport pollution on Urban Agriculture products: a risk assessment - Helmut Staedter - Environmental concept, Berlin - Global

Instruments and Methods for a Participative development Planning. Case study: Thiès (Senegal). Prélaz,Roland-Droux, Malick Gaye - Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Lausanne& ENDA, Dakar - Thies, Senegal

13:00 Lunch, identification of interest groups

14:00 Workshop sessions

A) UA and the City

The cross breeding of the tropical landscape with modernity - Bell Lemus, Carlos - ECOFONDO (NGO), Colombia - Valledupar

Vegetable Production on Open Spaces in Dar es Salaam Spatial Changes 1992-1999" - Dongus , Stefan - Axel, Drescher- Jacobi, Petra - Amend, Järg - University of Freiburg & GTZ, Dar es Salaam - Tanzania

Urban agriculture in South Africa - Jarlöv, Lena - Dalarna Research Institute, Falun, Sweden - Port Elizabeth

Urban planning and agriculture: Towards an environmental planning framework in Nigeria - Oruwari, Yomi - Rivers State Univerity, Harcourt - Nigeria

Sustainability and lifelyhood

The cutting edge between agenda 21, food and design in the new millemium - Fisker, Anna Marie - Aalborg University - Denmark: Linking gastronomy with art

The role of community gardening and community development - Hobbs, Karen - White House Task Force on Liveable Communities - Washington, DC USA

The impact of community gardining iniciatives in New York City on Children - Hassel, Malve Von - Anthropologist - New York

Practices and Planning of Agriculture in the Urban Context: Building Food Security in the Montréal Metropolitan Area - Reyburn, Stefan - Sénécal Gilles - University of Quebec - Montreal, Canada

B) Country experiences

Urban Enterprises in West Africa - Oni, Samuel Iyiola - University of Lagos - Lagos,Nigeria

State and Perspectives of Urban agriculture in Botswana - Mosha C. Aloysius- Cavric, Branko - University of Botswana, Gabarone - Botswana

Integration of governmental and non-governmental policies in the promotion of Urban Agriculture in Latin America: Cuenca (Ecuador) and Havana (Cuba) - Cary Cruz - Fundacion para le hombre, Havana - Cuba

Urban Agriculture Practice in Nakuru, Kenya - Owuor Ouma, Samuel - Nakuru, Kenya

Environmental costs of peri-urban agriculture - Ramy Zurayk - American University of Beirut - Lebanon

C) Urban Ecology

The Ahmedabad Urban Community Forestry Model - Liliana Marulanda - Independent expert; & USAID - India

Urban Agriculture and Local sustainable Development in Rosario Argentina Spiaggi, Edurado - Universidad Nacional de Rosario - El Rosario, Argentina

Localising network capacity for sustainable agriculture: the case of urban agriculture in the Metropolitan zone of Mexico City - Bucio, Andrés - Universidad Iberoamericana, Santa Fe - Mexico

From the plateau de Saclay (France) to the plains of Sijoumi (Tunisia) - Bouraqi, Moez - Ecole Nationale Superieure de Versailles - France/Tunisia

17:30 The German context (conference in plenum)

Conservation related Development in the suburbia of Hannover - Brenken, Heike - EXPO 2000 and University of Hannover - Hannover, Germany

Urban Fruit Production - Possibilities and Limitations - Ebert, Georg, Dr. - Humboldt University, Berlin - Berlin, Germany

18:30 Book Presentation

New book on Urban Agriculture - UNDP - Washington, D.C. - Book presentation

A Study of Urban Agriculture in Accra, Ghana Change in official attitude toward Urban Agriculture - Obosu-Mensah, Kwaku - Universities of Ghana and Toronto - Book Presentation

19:00 Reception

Saturday 8.7.2000

09:00 Visit of Organic Farmers' market, Domäne Dahlem

10:00 Reflections on UA marketing issues

Regional economic and farmer's market development in the New York region - Nettleton, John - Cornell University - New York

Sowing in hard land: Grass-roots urban Agriculture in East New ork, Brooklyn NY - Winston, E. Perry - Pratt Planning & Architectural Collaborative - New York, USA

11:30 Site visits in and around Berlin:

Staatsgüter Berlin (sludge deposit, fruit trees), ecological and integral houses, roof greening, hydroponic cultures, urban cattle farming, allotment gardens, etc.

Sunday 9.7.2000

9:30 Culture and Trandition (conference in plenum)

Balancing Risks and Pleasures: Urban agriculture in Selesia - Bellows C. Anne - Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey New Brunswick - Poland

"Multicultural gardens: Changing the landscape of the city" - Giradet, Herbert - Urban Futures London

Agriculture and the livehood of the poor in Southern Africa - Martin Adrienne, Oudwater, Nicoliene - Natural Resources Institute, University of Greenwich - Cape Town - Pretoria

Multicultural gardens: changing the landscape of the city - Wrkerle, Gerda G. - York University - Ontario Canada

Urban agriculture in England, Perspectives and Potential - Perez Vatquez, Arturo Anderson, Simon Rogers, Alan - Wye College, University of London - Southeast of England

13:00 Lunch, poster presentations

14:00 Case studies (conference in plenum)

Rooftop and indoors gardening in St. Pertersburg - Alexander Gavrilov - St. Petersburg Urban Gardening Club. - St. Petersburg, Russia

Ecological Sanitation - A missing link to sustainable urban development - Andersson,Ingvar, Steven A. Esrey - UNICEF UNDP - Mexico-Zimbabwe

Garden cities, allotments, community gardens and simple gardening: Anglo-American traditions of Urban Agriculture - Bromley, Ray - State University of New York, Albany - USA

Municipality of Quito metropolitan district - Alban, Klever, Sabrina Taubeneck - Municipality of Quito, Humboldt University Berlin - Ecuador

Creating edible buildings - growing food on and around buildings - Petts, James - Sustain: The alliance for better food and farming; - London

Microfinance and Urban Agriculture - Remenyi, Joe - Deakin University, Greelong - Dhaka, Bangla Desh

17:00 Closing session

Closing statements from a UN, city and NGO perspective - Jac Smit, Marielle Debbeling, Malick Gaye - UA Network; PGU-UNCHS, ENDA - Gobal

A briefing note ON THE FUTURE OF urban agriculture - Rabinovich, Jonas - UNDP, Urban Development Team - Global

18:30 Farewell


Potential new participants to the symposium are invited to submit a completed pre-registration form by e-mail until June 1st, The acceptance of the registration depends on the availability of space in the conference venue, and will be confirmed before June 15th. . The registration fee is DM 100,- and includes the entry to the venue, a set of abstracts, the welcome cocktail and a visiting tour to urban agriculture experiences in Berlin.

Further and periodically updated Information:

General correspondence and registration by e-mail:

Local coordination:
Dr. Heide Hoffmann, FA, Humboldt-Universität
Invalidenstrasse 42, D-10099 Berlin, Germany
Tel. +49-30-2093-8720. FAX -8723

International coordination:
Dr. Kosta Mathéy (TRIALOG, ENHR)
FAX +49-40-3603-135196


International Symposium
Urban Agriculture and Horticulture
The Linkage with Urban Planning

Domäne Dahlem, Berlin, 7.-9. July, 2000 >
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