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Water and Urban Agriculture

City Farmer's Waterwise Garden
"Waterwise gardening is not synonymous with xeriscaping. Waterwise gardening is a more appropriate explanation for gardening in mesic climates like Vancouver and incorporates the collection and storage of rainwater, soil health, maintenance techniques and the choice of appropriate plant species to create healthy, beautiful gardens. " Posted February 14 2004

Choosing Best Plants For a Dry Summer
"Gardening - A drought tolerant label may not be enough to guarantee survival. Judith Cowan getting ready to plant a Garry oak in the waterwise garden at City Farmer. It is a boulevard garden half a city block long, and Cowan favours mostly native plants such as Rosa woodsii." Posted May 23, 2004

Wastewater's Value in Urban and Peri-urban Agriculture
"The use of urban wastewater in agriculture is a centuries old practice that is receiving renewed attention with the increasing scarcity of fresh water resources in many arid and semi-arid regions. Driven by rapid urbanization and growing wastewater volumes, wastewater is widely used as a low-cost alternative to conventional irrigation water; it supports livelihoods and generates considerable value in urban and peri-urban agriculture despite the health and environmental risks associated with this practice." Posted March 5, 2003

Evaluating Voluntary Stormwater Management Initiatives in Urban Residential Areas
"In recent decades, stormwater runoff has emerged as an issue of major concern to water resource managers. Stormwater affects local waterways both in terms of the volume of runoff that is generated, and the nature of the pollutants that may be conveyed. Allowing stormwater to infiltrate in urban residential areas is one way of managing runoff at-source, and by doing so, preventing a wide variety of down-stream effects." (40,000 word Master's Thesis in PDF format) Posted March 29, 2002

Mayor Opens Water-wise Garden
This unique water conservation garden was developed by the City of Vancouver, in cooperation with City Farmer. The project, funded by Environment Canada, demonstrates the principles of water-wise gardening. It is located on the street front and will be open to the public year-round. Updated August 22, 1998

Waterwise Gardening
City of Vancouver's Rain Barrel
Water-wise Demonstration Garden
Waterwise Watering Systems
Even in rainy Vancouver water-saving, gardening techniques are recommended for coping with summer droughts. City Farmer in cooperation with the City of Vancouver has opened a new public garden which demonstrates conservation methods such as contouring of the ground, soil conditioning using compost, collection of rain water, the use of native plants, and passive watering.

Vancouver Begins Disconnecting Downspouts
Disconnecting residential roof downspouts from the combined sewer system may be an important way to reduce water pollution caused by Combined Sewer Overflows.

Rain Barrels and Water Wisdom From Around the World
"Here in Bermuda all residential properties catch rainwater on the roof. Roofs are constructed of lapped limestone slate on a timber frame. The water collected drains down into a water tank which is located beneath the house."Updated October 5, 1998

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