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Hydroponics and Urban Agriculture

Simplifed Hydroponics and Urban Agriculture in Uruguay and Ecuador
"Simplified Hydroponics has provided real solutions for low-income families and impoverished communities in many parts of the world. MARTIN CALDEYRO describes one innovative project in Uruguay that has improved family health and living standards, and is a model for other communities in Latin America to follow." Posted February 21 2004

Urban Agriculture Reaches New Heights Through Rooftop Gardening
"A Montreal-based development organization is experimenting with a gardening system called "rooftop simplified hydroponics" — a system adapted from the group's experiences in the developing world. During the winter of 2002, with the support of Canada's International Development Research Centre (IDRC), a researcher from the development organization, expanded her knowledge of hydroponics in other countries. She worked with the University of Casablanca in Morocco and the Institute for Simplified Hydroponics in Mexico." Posted February 3, 2004

"Aquaponics is the combination of intensive aquaculture (fish farming) and hydroponics (growing plants without soil). In an aquaponic system, the fish consume food and excrete waste. Beneficial bacteria convert the waste to nitrate which the plants use in the growth process. Many backyard gardeners are setting up systems to grow hundreds of pounds of fish and all the fresh vegetables a family needs." Posted March 17, 2003

Urban Agriculture in the City of Winnipeg - Four Case Studies
"For equipment Growing Prospects Inc. (GPI) cultivated a unique relationship with City of Winnipeg police and their cache of confiscated hydroponics equipment for which they had little storage and no manpower to supervise. ... Under the Health Canada seized property protectorate, GPI would be able to absorb the equipment and disperse it to the more than seventy schools in the province of Manitoba who want it to implement hydroponics programs." Posted October 8, 2000

Simplified Hydroponics in Urban Agriculture
Peggy Bradley introduces us to home hydroponics systems by describing working examples from around the world. Peggy Bradley and Cesar Marulanda have just published Home Hydroponic Gardens. "Simplified hydroponics is a vegetable production method that utilizes modern day hydroponic technology adapted for areas with limited resources. This technology is based on minimal inputs, requiring no pumps, energy, or expensive equipment." Posted March 14, 2000

Manual on Hydroponics by Fao
The book La Huerta Hidroponica Popular by C.Marulanda and J.Izquierdo published by FAO in 1991, reviewed by J.Izquierdo in 1998, is available as a PDF document. The English and Portuguese versions are also available on paper at request. An audio-visual (video) training course with nine classes, available in Spanish and Portuguese, is also available upon request to the FAO Office. Updated March 27, 2000

Urban Agriculture Agrotechnology Park Study Tour
Singapore Tropical Hydroponic Study Tour, August 27 to September 3, 2000. See the new opportunities for hydroponics in urban farming's agrotechnology parks and rooftop farming and rooftop and indoor gardening. Posted February 12, 2000

Oval Pipes Make Sense For Tropics
"Oval pipes make great sense for hydroponics in the tropics and sub-tropics. ... Using such technology, microfarms around peri-urban areas, or on commercial rooftops in shopping strips or shopping malls, could be the future for a great deal of fresh vegetable production." Posted February 12, 2000

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