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Entrepreneurs and Urban Agriculture

Entrepreneurial Urban Agriculture
"The farm grows beets, carrots, potatoes, lettuce, herbs, melons and 30 varieties of tomatoes and sells its produce to local chefs of high-end restaurants and to the public from an on-site market stand. This method of distribution ensures that a profit can be made, by selling to restaurants willing to buy fresh, local and readily available produce for high prices, while also catering to the lower-income and selling the produce right in the community for affordable prices." Posted June 16, 2005

Micro Eco-Farming: Prospering from Backyard to Small-Acreage in Partnership with the Earth
New Book: "Micro eco-farms fill in spaces that larger sized farms don't attend to. They use back yards, vacant lots, or their family's own small acreage. As they grow in number, it is anyone's guess as to what type of new economical foundation they could create." Posted August 12, 2004

City Farm Boasts Quality and Jobs - A Tomato Grows in Chicago, and Beets
"The two-thirds-acre City Farm, a Resource Center project, with 1,500 tomato plants and nearly year-round growth of carrots, beets and other root crops, has added some green to the otherwise concrete environment of Cabrini-Green. More plants will take root in the area as the city announced Monday that the urban farm will expand to a nearby one-acre vacant lot." Posted December 1, 2003

Greensgrow Philadelphia Project
"Begun as a commercial hydroponics lettuce farm supplying high-end gourmet greens to restaurants, Greensgrow now operates a CSA and Farm Market while continuing to serve the Philadelphia restaurant community with the products of our and other local farms. We serve as a clearinghouse of information on urban agriculture issues [and] advocate adoption of urban agriculture as a tool for neighborhood redevelopment..." Posted September 19, 2002

Farming Inside Cities: Entrepreneurial Urban Agriculture in the United States
46,000 word research paper by Jerry Kaufman and Martin Bailkey. "The report investigates the nature and characteristics of for-market city farming, obstacles to such activities, and ways of overcoming these obstacles. It also offers proponents of urban agriculture suggestions to advance the cause of city farming in environments where many are either uninformed of the multiple benefits of entrepreneurial urban agriculture, disinterested, or skeptical about its durability and longer lasting significance.". Posted September 12, 2000

Urban Agriculture in the City of Winnipeg - Four Case Studies
"For equipment Growing Prospects Inc. (GPI) cultivated a unique relationship with City of Winnipeg police and their cache of confiscated hydroponics equipment for which they had little storage and no manpower to supervise. ... Under the Health Canada seized property protectorate, GPI would be able to absorb the equipment and disperse it to the more than seventy schools in the province of Manitoba who want it to implement hydroponics programs." Posted October 8, 2000

Urban Agriculture -- Is It For Real?
March 6th, 2000, Philadelphia "A conference that looks at Entrepreneurial Urban Agriculture in North America: what the studies say, who's doing it, and who's actually making money at it? Where do the opportunities lie, what are the obstacles, and what really makes it work?" Posted January 25, 2000

Farmers in British Columbia Connecting with City Farmers
Shopping for farm fresh produce, nursery stock, or dairy items with that incomparable British Columbia quality? Here are some guides to help you buy at the farm gate. Updated May 28, 1999

Urban Market Gardening in Saskatoon
Wally Satzewich makes money from small urban gardens. "The produce is harvested, and then washed in my backyard, and placed in a walk-in cooler in my garage. It is then taken to market in a small 1/4 ton truck. I look at the weekly cash-flow from one of my 1000 sq. ft. gardens, and I am very impressed." Posted August 30, 1998

Tree Mushroom Cultivation Relieves Poverty
Su Decheng, a mushroom scientist from China, reports that in one county he worked in, "the average annual income per capita reached 1,800 Chinese yan (CN $300) in 1993, and 75% of it came from mushrooms." Just a few years earlier before mushroom growing technology had been introduced, the yearly income of the population was less than 300 Chinese yan (CN $50) Updated December 27, 1999

$$$ From Your Garden
"Design information for a model garden that will produce over $10,000 of vegetables from less than 1/3 acre."

Small-Scale Farmers in Urban Areas
Here you will find market gardeners, metrofarmers, bio-intensive farmers and others who sell their produce.

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