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Edible Plantings at Mole Hill in Vancouver's West End

Mole Hill Community Revitalization

Mole Hill is located in Vancouver's high-density West End. It is Vancouver's only intact Victorian and Edwardian neighbourhood, with more than 30 houses built as early as 1888.

This unique urban housing project (PDF) in Vancouver's West End includes the restoration of 26 houses, creation of 170 units of affordable housing, a child-care precinct, community gardens and greenlinks, and a new supportive housing and day care program for persons living with HIV/AIDS. The project incorporates sustainable building practices and energy efficient features including an earth energy geothermal heating system.

There is a greenway in the lane behind the houses, community gardens, and open space to complement a park to the north of the site. The lane, planted entirely with food plants, was designed by Thomas Gould, Landscape Architect, Durante Kreuk Ltd.

Mole gardens

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Revised September 26, 2004

Published by City Farmer
Canada's Office of Urban Agriculture