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Julie McCarroll's
Horticultural Delights

vegi poster

Peppers in Cabbage Bowl
fruit poster

Melons and Grapes

flower poster

Floral on Mulberry

Julie McCarroll was born in Detroit, Michigan in 1950 and is a dual Canadian/American citizen. She attended Wayne State University and graduated in 1973 with a B.F.A. After living a year in Boston, she attended George Brown College, Toronto, Ontario and received a Nursing Diploma in 1976.

Julie resides in Toronto with her husband George and is a watercolor painter and specialty Faux painter. Her primary images are realistic Still-Lifes, CityScapes, Landscapes and Architectural Paintings, which have a 3-Dimensional feel, reflecting her Sculpture Major.


For original artwork contact:
Julie McCarroll,
220 Geoffrey Street
Toronto, Ont. M6R 1P8 Canada
(416) 535-0013

For posters and cards from the list below contact:
Posters International,
1200 Castlefield Avenue
Toronto, Ont. M6B1G2 Canada
Phone: (416) 789-7156
Fax: (416) 789-7159

Shipping costs and taxes must be added to the prices listed.
Please contact Posters International for the final cost.


MCCOl McCARROLL Pomegranate Pg. 19 33.00
MCCO2 McCARROLL Melons & Grapes Pg. 19 33.00
MCCO3 McCARROLL Morning Tea Pg. 18 33.00
MCC04McCARROLL Blue Willow Pg. 18 33.00
MCC05McCARROLL Les Facades De Paris Pg.53 35.00
MCC06 McCARROLL Les Belles Fleurs Pg. 53 35.00
MCCO7 McCARROLL Floral On Blue Pg. 54 35.00
MCC08McCARROLL Floral On Mulberry Pg. 54 35.00
MCC09 McCARROLL Artichokes In Crystal Pg. 55 25.00
MCClO McCARROLL Radishes In Crystal Pg. 55 25.00
MCC11 McCARROLL Peppers In A Cabbage Bowl Pg. 56 25.00
MCC12 McCARROLL Beets In A Cabbage Bowl Pg.56 25.00
MCCl3 McCARROLL Royal Road Pg.69 25.00
MCC14 McCARROLL Main Street Pg.69 25.00
MCC15 McCARROLL Tulipa Pg. 68 30.00
MCC16 McCARROLL Amaryllis Pg. 68 30.00
MCC17 McCARROLL Flora Botanica Pg. 69 35.00
MCC18 McCARROLL Modesty Pg. 70 28.00
MCC19 McCARROLL Vanity Pg. 70 28.00
MCC20 McCARROLL Victorian Flowers A Pg. 82 25.00
MCC21 McCARROLL Victorian Flowers B Pg. 82 25.00
MCC23 McCARROLL Horses Pg. 83 18.00
MCC24 McCARROLL Sheep Pg. 83 18.00
MCC25 McCARROLL Guernsey Cows Pg. 83 18.00
MCC26 McCARROLL Goats Pg. 83 18.00
MCC27 McCARROLL Cock-A-Doodle-Doo Pg. 84 18.00
MCC28 McCARROLL Chicken Coop Pg. 84 18.00
MCC29 McCARROLL Baby Chick Pg. 84 18.00
MCC30 McCARROLL Chicken Pen Pg. 84 18.00
MCC31 McCARROLL May Pg. 99 25.00
MCC32 McCARROLL June Pg. 99 25.00
MCC33 McCARROLL Lily Of The Valley Pg. 100 25.00
MCC34 McCARROLL Lilac Pg. 100 25.00
MCC35 McCARROLL Lupine Pg.131 28.00
MCC36 McCARROLL Delphinium Pg. 131 28.00
MCC37 McCARROLL Hydrangea Pg. 132 28.00
MCC38 McCARROLL Lily Pg. 132 28.00
MCC39 McCARROLL Snapdragons On Green Toile Pg. 133 32.00
MCC40 McCARROLL Sweetpeas On Green Toile Pg. 133 32.00
MCC41 Roses On Red Toile Pg. 134 32.00
MCC42 McCARROLL Pansies On Red Toile Pg. 134 32.00

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Revised October 17, 1996

Published by City Farmer
Canada's Office of Urban Agriculture