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Published By City Farmer 1978 - 1981

21 years ago we were pounding the pavement with an 8 page newspaper named City Farmer under our arms. 25 cents was the street price for our "rag". If a copy sold in a corner store we'd get half that back from the proprietor as our share. More often, we'd never find our way back to that store, and if we did, we'd find our paper had turned yellow with age.

We might have printed 1000 copies of our first issue and no more than 10,000 of our top issue. Nevertheless we made quite a stir, provoking radio personalities to take a swing at us and enticing other publications to copy our articles or write about city farming themselves.

Now working on the web, we no longer have to pay for a typesetter, layout artist, printer or go walking the streets. Publishing takes place from the comfort of a living room chair. But in August, 1978, despite a more primitive medium, we were sending out the same message that we are today - that is - you can grow food in the city.

Volume 1, #1, August, 1978

first issue City Farmer

"Chickens In Soup - Big Squawk Over By-Law". By Michael Levenston

"Lead Threatens Urban Garden". By Kerry Banks

"Victory Gardens - The Old Front Lawn Just Ain't What It Used To Be". By Michael Levenston

"Slug Wars". By Kerry Banks

"Urban Agriculture - Tilling The Forgotten Fields". By Bob Woodsworth

"Outlaw Bees Keep City Blooming". By Kerry Banks

Book Review "Winter Gardening In The Maritime Northwest" By Dana Weber

"Allotment Gardens - Land For The Landless".

"The Show That Could Have Been". CBC. By Kerry Banks

"Hydroponics, Growing Plants Without Soil". By Terry Glavin

Volume 1, #2, September, 1978

"Gardeners Win Vacant Lot". By Terry Glavin

"Loam From The Loo - Using City Waste As Topsoil". By Michael Levenston

"Berkeley House - A Conservation Showcase". By Bob Woodsworth

"Farmer Of The Month - Intensive Methods Boost Yield". By Kerry Banks

"Mushroom Farming - From Paris Caves To City Basements". By K. Banks

"Gardening As Therapy" By Ann Bishop

"Herbs - The Fragrant Harvest". By Anne Maclean, Patsi Mcmurchy

"Can That Carrot, Pickle That Pea - Preserving And Canning". By D. Weber

Volume 1, #3, November, 1978

"Seed And Plant Information Exchange".

"Recommended Varieties".

"City Farming Network".

"Rabbitry - A Hare Raising Experience". By Kerry Banks

"Community Alternatives - Rurban Or Urbal". By Anne Maclean

"Balanced Soil - Key To A Good Garden". By Bob Woodsworth

"Medieval City Farmers". By Michael Levenston

"City Farmers - Class Of 78". By Risa Smith

"As The Worm Turns". By Laurie Stein

"Mushrooms That Money Can't Buy". By Brian Emmett

Volume 1, #4, February. 1979

"Chickens KO'd Again". By Kerry Banks


Cold Weather Crops - The Greening Of Winter". By Bob Woodsworth

"I.P.M. - A Cleaner War On Pests". By Jan Conn

"Vandals A Problem - A Montreal Roof Top Garden". By Ann Bishop

"Should Chickens Be Outlawed ". By Kerry Banks

"Farm Fresh Eggs From Your Own Backyard". By Kerry Banks

"Killers In The Coop". By Kerry Banks

"Auction Action - Going Once, Going Twice, Gone". By Kerry Banks

"A Vegetable Patch In The Sky". By Diane Rienstra

"The Kettle Friendship Garden". By Michael Levenston

Livestock Bylaws

Volume 1, #5, May, 1979

"The Gypsy Moth Papers". By Bob Woodsworth


"Evening Classes With Bernard Moore". By Michael Levenston

"Natural Fertilizers - Food For The Soil". By Kerry Banks

"Allotment Gardens - Ottawa Success Story - A Model For B.C'.' By B. Smith

"Fruit For The Picking". By Ann Bishop

"Aphids - The Crime And The Punishment". By Brian Emmett

Volume 1, #6, July, 1979

"Chinatown Gardens Reveal Secrets". By Kerry Banks

"Editorial - Robbing Peter To Pay Paul". By Bob Woodsworth


"Herbicides Used Under Pavement". By Michael Levenston

"Half Of Households Grow Own Food".

"Lawns - Labour Of The Leisure Age". By Bob Woodsworth

"Soil Precious In Chinatown Gardens".

"Oriental Vegetables

"Foods - Facts And Fantasies

"Pesticide Use Down - Growers Like New Method". By Risa Smith

Volume 2, #1, October, 1979

"Quails - Sing A Song For Supper". - By Risa Smith


"The Jeavons Method - Food By The Square Foot". By Michael Levenston

"Organic Fertilizers From The Sea". By Brian Emmett

"A Grandmother's Notebook - Survival, The Way It Was". By B. Woodsworth

"Marketing Your City-Farmed Food". By Bob Woodsworth

"The Last Victory Garden". By Kerry Banks

Volume 2, #2 January, 1980

"Picking Parsnips In Winter". By Kerry Banks


"Soil Testing - City Lab Does Complete Analysis". By Michael Levenston

"The Cook's Winter Herb Garden". By Boni Townsend

"UBC's Physick Garden - The Healing Herbs Of Ancient Lore". By K. Banks

Book Review -"The Integral Urban House". By Bob Woodsworth

"Fruit Grafting - Apple A Day The Doctor's Way". By Kerry Banks

Volume 2, #3, July 1980

"Urban Agriculture Office Proposed".

"Always Be Prepared". Editorial By Michael Levenston


"Vancouver Banana Tree Bears Fruit." By Shirley Buswell

"Office Of Urban Agriculture - Urban Dwellers Become More Responsible For Food Production

"Charles Barber Talks To City Farmer".

"Forty Years A City Farmer". By Shirley Buswell

"Land Reclaimed For Community". By Joe Martin

USA Trust For Public Land

"Seeds From Many Countries". By Michael Levenston

Volume 3, #1, August 1980

"The Ageless Fig In A New Land". Dy Joe Martin


"Herbs - And Other Vital Ingredients". By Shirley Buswell

"Arable Acres Within City Limits". By Michael Levenston

Book Review "Vegetable Gardening With Bernard Moore". By Joe Martin

"Granville Island Market - A Place To Meet Country Farmers". By Shirley Buswell

"Horticulture Therapy Catches On". By Joe Martin

"A Shade Of Somerset Green . By Jane Taylor

Volume 3, #2, October 1980

"The Garden Warriors Of 1942" By Shirley Buswell


"The Victory Garden".

"Making Wine At Chateau Dundas". By Joe Martin

"UBC Hort-Line - Question The Experts". By Shirley Buswell

Book Review - "The One Straw Revolution". By Joe Martin

"An Eden By The Asphalt". By Joe Martin

Volume 3, #3, May 1981

"Nut Time In The City". By Shirley Buswell

"What Have We Been Up To". By Michael Levenston


"Polling Canada' S Leaders".

"Urban Agriculture Studies - Notes From A City Farmer Course

"Nutty Facts

"The Fairview Conference, 1981, City Farmer To Speak In Northern Alberta".

"Garden Warriors Of 1942 - Winning Through In 43" By S. Buswell

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