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Urban Fruit Tree Projects

The Fruit Tree Project
"The Vancouver Fruit Tree Project connects people who have fruit trees, people who can help harvest fruit, and community groups that use fruit in their programs. ... Each year thousands of pounds of apples, pears, plums and cherries fall to the ground and rot in City of Vancouver backyards. ... In 1999, the first year of the project, volunteers harvested and distributed 2000 pounds of fruit from local backyards. Most of the fruit was given to the Vancouver Food Bank and Community Kitchens."

The Richmond Fruit Tree Project
"Plums, apples and pears are picked from August through into October from the gardens of Richmond residents. A fruit tree registry and a fruit identification program are in the works."

The Victoria Fruit Tree Project
"The Victoria Fruit Tree Project, volunteers and a couple a ladders are turning backyard fruit trees into a valuable source of food for the community. The Victoria Fruit Tree Project harvests fruit from private trees that would otherwise go to waste. The delicious fruit is then distributed among homeowners, volunteers, food banks and community organisations within Victoria."

UBC Apple Festival
"Every year, between 11,500 and 13,500 kilograms (25,000 and 30,000 lbs) of apples are sold to a hungry public. Over 60 varieties of heritage, new and "tried and true" varieties are available, grown both conventionally and organically. These include the heritage apple 'Grimes Golden' and 'Ambrosia', recently discovered in Cawston, British Columbia. Also available for sale are many varieties of apple trees grafted onto dwarfing root stock, perfect for the home garden or patio. New owners of apple trees often attend one of the espalier and pruning demonstrations."


Fruit Tree App
This android app contains descriptions of fruit trees. The app also provides search option to find the tree you are looking for.


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Published by City Farmer
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