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Welcome to City Farmer's Urban Agriculture Survey

Please take a few minutes to complete the following form. Where there are multiple answers to choose from, check as many of the boxes as apply to your situation.

We will publish the results of the survey on our Home Page later this year.

1. Your e-mail address

2. What country do you live in?

3. What is your interest in Urban Agriculture?

4. Do you live in an urban area?



If you answered "no" please go to Question 19

5. (Yes, I live in an urban area) Do you produce any of your food?
(anything from one tomato in a container, to livestock on a small farm)



If you answered "no" please go to Question 18

6. (For city farmers only) What food do you produce?













7. (For city farmers only) Where do you grow your food?

in a home garden

in a community garden

on a rooftop

on a windowsill

on a balcony

in a school garden

in a hospital garden

on farm land


8. (For city farmers only) How large is your city farm? (food producing area)

small (0 to 100 square ft)

medium (100 to 1000 square feet)

large (1000 to 10,000 square feet)

very large (more than 10,000 square feet)

9. (For city farmers only) Why do you grow food in the city?

Because I enjoy the activity.

Because it saves me money.

Because it is safer to eat than store bought food.

Because it relieves stress.

Because it is good for the environment.

Because I enjoy the flavour of home-grown food.


10. (For city farmers only) Do you sell any of the food you produce?


If yes, then where do you sell it?


11. How long have you produced food in the city?

0 - 5 years

5 - 10 years

10 - 20 years


12. (For city farmers only) What stops you from growing more food than you do?

I have no time.

There is no space.

City by-laws prevent it.

I need more information.

The climate is poor.

The land is polluted.


(For city farmers only)

13. What is your age?

14. Are you male or female?

15. What city do you live in?

16. What is the population of your city? (approx.)

17. (For city farmers only) Please tell us more about your experience producing food in the city.


18. (For urban dwellers only, who do NOT produce food in the city)

Why do you not produce food in the city?

Because I am not interested.

Because I lack space.

Because I don't know how to produce food.

Because my landlord won't allow it.

Because it is too expensive.

Because I have no time.



19. For those who do NOT live in an urban area, please tell us why you are interested in Urban Agriculture.




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Revised March 24, 2000

Published by City Farmer
Canada's Office of Urban Agriculture