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The Vancouver Compost Demonstration Garden

Virtual Reality Panorama


Download of the Quicktime image (530K) will take a minute or so depending on your connection speed.

A QuickTime VR Panorama
Created by John Corry
bnewmedia 1998

You'll need QuickTime from Apple to play the VR, which you can download from here (keep in mind that it is 6.8MB in size). The installation is simple, and will install a quicktime plugin into your favorite web browsing application.

To move about in the above QuickTime image, click and hold down your mouse and than drag it either left or right. You will see a 360 degree view of our garden.

This VR was created using a Kaidan head, a Manfrotto "Gruppo" tripod and an EpsonPC 600 digital camera. Sixteen 1024 x 768 images (portrait) were taken, then downloaded to an Apple 7300 desktop using Epson's Image Expert software, and compressed and made into a VR using Apple's VR Authoring Studio. The initial 1.5 megabyte VR Panorama file was compressed using Sorenson's codec.

We shot the panorama in the garden in May, 1998. We hope to shoot again at other times of the year and show different seasons.

In the panorama you can see:

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Published by City Farmer
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