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List of Selected Research Proposals for the 2001, 2000 and 1999 Agropolis Graduate Research Awards in Urban Agriculture

Wendy Storey
Agropolis Awards Administrator
Programs Branch - Cities Feeding People
International Development Research Centre
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AGROPOLIS Awardees 2001

NameResearch TitleRegion of research researchNationalityLevel
CHUO, Adamu Nsangu (Mr.) Urban Agriculture and Physical Planning: A Case Study of Zaria Urban Area, Nigeria Zaria Urban Area, NIGERIA Cameroonian M.Sc.
DANSO, George Kwasi (Mr.) Perception and willingness to pay for composted municipal waste and night soil by farmers of different urban and peri-urban farming systems in three Ghanaian cities Kumasi/Tamale/Accra, GHANA Ghanaian M.Sc.
HOVORKA, Alice (Ms.) Exploring the Effects of Gender on Commercial Urban Agriculture Systems in Gaborone, Botswana Gaborone, BOTSWANA Canadian Ph.D.
NABULO, Grace (Ms.) The Assessment of Heavy Metal Pollution to Crops Grown Around Kampala City Kampala, UGANDA Ugandan Ph.D.
NGUYEN, Quang Linh (Mr.) The Use of Local Feed Resources to Strengthen Animal Smallholdings and Poverty Alleviation in Urban Hue, Central Vietnam Hue, Central VIETNAM Vietnamese Ph.D.
SCHAMI, Danielle J. (Ms.) Planning for Sustainable Urban Food Systems: From Toronto to Guadalajara Toronto, Ontario, CANADA + Guadalajara, Jalisco, MÉXICO Canadian M.Sc.

List Of Selected Candidates For The 2000 Agropolis International Graduate Research Awards In Urban Agriculture

Name: Ms. Stephanie GABEL
Nationality: Canadian
Research Proposal: Addressing the Food Provision Needs and Strategies of Low Income Households: Women and Urban Agriculture in Harare

Name: Ms. Elisheva Ruth KAUFMAN
Nationality: Israeli
Research Proposal: Urban Agriculture Education in Regenerative Waste Farming Biosystems

Name: Ms. Mar’a Amalia LORDA
Nationality: Argentinian
Research Proposal: Le développement local, stratégie de gestion territoriale de l'activité agricole dans le péri-urbain de Bah’a Blanca (Argentine)

Name: Ms. Victoria Nnenna MEREMIKWU
Nationality: Nigerian
Research Proposal: The Performance of Started-Broilers under the Subsistence Free-Range System of Production in Nigeria

Name: Mr. Ernest Oyieko NYANDWARO
Nationality: Kenyan
Research Proposal: Environmental Perspectives of Urban Farming: A Case Study of Nakuru Town, Kenya

Name: Mrs. Clementine Obiamaka OBI
Nationality: Nigerian
Proposal: The Physico-Chemical Properties and Agronomic Potentials of Soils Treated With Household Waste-Derived Compost

Name: Ms. Adriana PREMAT
Nationality: Canadian/Argentinian
Research Proposal: Locating Culture in the Urban Agricultural Landscapes of Havana, Cuba

Name: Mr. Komla TALLAKI
Nationality: Togolese
Research Proposal: Les maraîchers de la plage à Lomé: quelles perceptions, quelles perspectives?

On March 29-30, 1999, the AGROPOLIS Advisory Committee (consisting of 7 experts in a variety of fields who are based in Africa, Latin America, Australia, the U.K., and Canada) met at IDRC in Ottawa to finalize the selection of successful candidates for 1999 and also to discuss other issues pertaining to the AGROPOLIS programme. The Committee members had received in late January copies of the applicants' research proposals and completed an evaluation form for each one. We are pleased to announce that 9 research proposals have been recommended for an AGROPOLIS award this year.

Title of research proposal:
Urban Livestock Production Systems and Food Security in the "Zone Dense" of Khozogo (northern Côte d'Ivoire)
Region of research: Côte d'Ivoire

Title of research proposal:
De Paris à Tunis: les processus de transformation des espaces agricoles urbains
Region of research: Tunisia (plaine de Sijoumi)

Title of research proposal:
Using Urban Greening to Meet Basic Needs: A management framework
Region of research: Bangkok, Thailand

Title of research proposal:
Urban-Rural Linkages and Urban Household Food Security in Windhoek, Namibia
Region of research: Namibia

Title of research proposal:
Enhancing the Milk Production Performance of the Red Sokoto and Sahelian Goat Fed Maize Stover Supplemented with Concentrate or Groundnut Haulms for Sustainable Urban Dairy Production in Nigeria
Region of research: Nigeria

Title of research proposal:
The Future of Allotments in Food Production as a Component of Urban Agriculture in England
Region of research: England, U.K.

Title of research proposal:
System of Vertical Cultivation for Organic Agriculture in Underused Urban Spaces in Cuba
Region of research: Cuba

Title of research proposal:
The Utilization of Agroecological Techniques in Urban Agriculture: the implementation of a new production system (vermiculture) for local sustainable development
Region of research: Rosario, Argentina

Title of research proposal:
Urban Food Safety and Security: Application in Thailand Urban Agriculture
Region of research: Greater Bangkok Area, Thailand

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