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Vancouver Sun Victory Garden Contest Winner 1942

Sent to us by Ben Willis

Ben Willis wrote us with some wonderful food garden history: "My grandfather (Jack Reading) won 1st prize in the Vancouver Sun Victory Garden contest in 1942. I have photos of the garden, the prize letter from the Sun and the original newpaper clipping with all the various winners names." We have included these documents below.

Ben's grandfather left Vancouver for Penticton at the end of WW2 and became an orchardist on Three Mile Road halfway between Penticton and Naramata on Okanagan Lake.

Sun Victory Garden Winners Announced (1942)

By The Garden Man

Victory gardens of Mrs. L. E. Candy, 3375 Radcliffe Avenue, West Vancouver and Jack Reading, 2308 East Thirty-ninth Avenue, won the first prizes of $15 each in the Victory Garden Competition sponsored by The Vancouver Sun, results of which have just been tabulated.

Mrs. Candy's prize was for a 33-foot lot and under and Mr. Reading's for a 66-foot lot and under.

There were a large number of entrants and quality of the gardens was so high that several had to be revisited several times before final judging. A particular factor in judging was the time that the contestant had available.

An example of how close the competition was in the 66-100 foot lot class, it was impossible to decide on the winner. Several people were called in and the same number of points were arrived at with the result it was decided to take the first and a second prize and devide them between the first two.

All the contestants I saw yesterday were delighted to hear of their success and all seemed to think that they were going to spend the money on their gardens, either in the way of new tools or seed for next year.

Owing to the number of contestants and the keen competition, The Vancouver Sun will award Certificates of Merit to runners-up.

Kenneth Eastwood, 11, was winner of a special prize, for he had been ill for a long time, yet put his garden into excellent shape.

(See list of winners in newspaper JPEG below)

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