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Food Crops We Grew In 1996

Crop list prepared by Wes Barrett.

Wes Barrett, City Farmer's head gardener since 1992, is a retired high school teacher with many years experience growing food crops organically. He trains our volunteer gardeners and part-time staff and oversees all aspects of the Demonstration Garden from testing compost bins to planting "winter vegetables" and cover crops.

Wes is the 5th, wonderful head gardener to hold the position since we opened the garden in 1982, following in the footsteps of Catherine Shapiro, Chris Ferris, Paula Ford and Gillian Elcock.

Since we demonstrate 12 month gardening, most of our seeds are purchased from Territorial Seeds a company which specializes in crops for our Pacific maritime region and which promotes growing food crops year-round.

Crop Variety
Artichoke Green Globe
Asparagus Unknown
Beans Purple Fava
Dry: Serene, Orca, Jacob's Cattle, Black Coco
Beets Chioggia, Early Wonder, Winter Keeper
Broccoli Southern Comet, Rosalind, Umpqua, Purple Sprouting
Cabbage Derby Day, First Early Market, Winterstar
Cauliflower Snow Crown, White Rock, Purple Cape
Celeriac Brilliant
Fennel Bronze, Florence, Green
Garlic Spanish Roja, Yugoslavian, Russian Red
Grapes Green Concord
Herbs Basil, Lovage, Chives, Rosemary, Lavender, Thyme, Shiso, Santalina, Curry Plant, Oregano, Borage, Mint, Lemon Balm, Sweet Cicely, Salad Burnet
Kale Westland Winter, Winter Red
Leeks Durabel
Lettuce Brunia, Kwiek, Valmaine, Reuben's Red
Onions Blanco Duro, Redman
Peas Maestro, Oregon Trail, Oregon Pioneer
Peppers Gypsey, Marbler, Purple Beauty
Potatoes Banana, Ptarmigan
Rhubarb Unknown
Salad Greens Orach (red and green), Arugula, Chicory, Radicchio, Swiss Chard (red and green)
Spinach Steadfast, Bloomsdale Savory
Squash Black Beauty (zucchini), Butter Cup
Tomatoes a. Early: Early Cascade, Oregon Spring, Siletz, Taxi
b. Main-Season: Big Boy, Black, Golden Treasure, Yellow Pear
Tamatillo Mexican
Raspberries Everbearing (variety unknown)
Black Currants Unknown

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Revised December 29, 1996

Published by City Farmer
Canada's Office of Urban Agriculture