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City Farmer History

During 1983 the work of developing a Garden Education Centre at 6th and Maple continued.

poster school garden

January, February, March, Debbi D'Aigle, a U.B.C. Agriculture graduate, taught food garden classes. Dan Penner built stone walkways, compost bins, a cold frame, and dug new beds. Catherine Shapiro, Head Gardener since we began the garden, coordinated volunteers.

April, May, June, Pat Woodcock taught garden classes and wrote a manual for teachers on "Organic Vegetable Gardening." She has a rural farming background. Ted Setter, a graphic artist, created visuals for the teaching manual.

July, August, September, Carol Murray, Maja Grip, both writers and editors, compiled a series of booklets for education adding to our 1982 set. Topics included Fruits, Balcony Gardening, Diseases, etc.

October, December, Catherine Shapiro continued to manage the Demonstration Garden. She developed a hands-on teaching program that will be used in the garden in 1984.

City Farmer Media
Promotion of Urban Agriculture 1978 - 1984


The Province May 3,1978.
"Homegrown" Letter from M.L. & B.W. of Vancouver Community Conservation Centre. Solar Greenhouses.

The Province May 6, 1978.

The Urban Reader Vol.6 #4, 1978.
"Farming the City" by Alice Niwinski. Article inspired by issues #1,2 of City Farmer.

The Avant Gardener Vol. 10 #19, July 15, 1978.
"Waste Watching" Article on C.F. article about Milorganite.

Connexions Summer 1979.
"Food - City Farmer" Review of City Farmer.

The Province Sept. 1979.
"Consumer Alert" by Chuck Poulsen. Article on C.F. guest John Jeavons.

Globe & Mail Nov.29, 1979.
"City Farming can produce tasty food" by Anne Roberts. Urb. Ag. M.L. & B.W.

Burnaby Today Jan. 15, 1980.
"Thar's gold in them thar lawns, fella" by Leslie Gullet. Urb. Ag. M.L.& B.W.

Self-Reliance Sept.-Oct. 1980.
"Researchers in Vancouver, Canada, have come up with some interesting statistics on the city's potential for growing its own food"

Spectrum Vol. No.3. Spring, 1981.
"The Urban Gardener - A Gardener' Bible" by S.D.

The Province June 12 1981.
Lifestyles. "Pop out to the balcony patch and pick your salad greens" by Renee Doruyter

The Calgary Herald July 23, 1981.
(CP) Vanc. "Yes, you can grow vegetables in an apartment".

Globe & Mail July 24, 1981.
Better Business Section. (CP) Vanc. "Turn balcony, roof into vegetable garden:'

Calgary Herald Summer, 1981.
Interview with M.L. by garden writer Ron Driscoll. (appeared in 5 papers after Fairview Conf.)

Food Market Commentary Vol. 3, No. 4 Dec., 1981.
"Value of Garden" by Dr. K. Wilde

The Vancouver Sun Feb. 15, 1982.
"Making Farmers out'a city folk" by Elizabeth Godley

Vancouver Sun Feb. 22, 1982
"Dream of city farming explained" by Elizabeth Godley

The Columbian Mar. 15, 1982.
"Dig up your lawn and save money"

Spectrum Spring, 1982.
"City Farmer" by M.L.

Spectrum Spring, 1983.
Vol. 5. No.1 "Vancouver's Demonstration Food Garden" by M.L.

Common Ground #2, Spring, 1983.
"Common Gardening" by M.L.

Active Health Apr./May 1983.
"City Farmer" by M.L.

West Ender June 16, 1983.
"Green thumbs abound in high-rises"

Connexions Vol. 8, #2, Summer, 1983.
"City Farmer"

Western Living Nov., 1983.
(B.C. and Alberta Editions) Western Chronicle by Audrey Grescoe. "City Farmer"

The Weekly Post Nov. 23, 1983.
"City Farming" by Maylene Chan.

Harrowsmith #54, Apr./May, 1984.
"Red Celery in the Sunshine, An Urban Eden - transforming hopeless backyard hardpan into a lush organic plot." By M.L.

Watershed No.4, Apr/May, 1984.
"City Farmer" Farming need not be restricted to the countryside - Michael Levenston is convinced that agriculture is viable in today's cities. By Carol Murray.

West Ender Oct. 18, 1984.
" A garden grows in Manhatten"

The Vancouver Courier Oct. 31, 1984.
"Plotting Greenery" by Mark Maloney. Community Gardens.


CKNW Radio Aug. 1978.
"Barry Clarke Show" criticism of C.F.

CBC Radio Fall 1978.
"3's Company" Interview with B.W. by Ann Petrie.

CBC Radio International 1978 or 1979.
C.F. interview by Debra Pugh M.L.& B.W. Broadcast to Caribbean, Europe, Africa.

Co-op Radio Spring, 1979.
"Midnight Show" Interview with B.W., R.S. & M.L.

CBC Radio July 26, 1979.
"Morning Show" Interview with C.F. guests the Olkowskis.

CBC Radio July 26, 1979.
"3's Company" Interview with the Olkowskis.

Co-op Radio Aug.8, 1979.
Jack Christie interviews M.L.

CKWX Radio Sept. 7, 1979.
Interview with C.F. guest John Jeavons by Frank Thompson.

CFOX Radio Sept. 6, 1979.
"Daily Planet" Interview with C.F.

CBC Radio Sept. 7, 1979.
"Radio Noon" Interview with C.F. guest John Jeavons.

CBC Radio Sept. 7, 1979.
"3's Company" Interview with John Jeavons.

Co-op Radio Feb. 1981.
"Eco-Watch" Interview with M.L.& S.B.

CKLG Radio Spring 1981.
Interview about UBC Courses.

CBC Radio Spring 1981.
"Radio Noon" Interview with M.L. by Anne Mitchel about UBC Courses.

CBC Radio Edmonton June, 1981.
"4-6 Show" at Fairview Conference.

CJOR Radio Mar. 10, 1982.
Art Findley talks to M.L. and Dr. Norma Senn.

CJAZ Radio July 6 1982
"City Farmer and its Work" by Anne Loss.

CKWX Radio July 8, 1982.
News feature by Neil Arnold from the garden.

CJOR Radio July 9, 12, 1982.
"Raef Maer Show" Subjects - Bees with Doug McCutheon. Air Pollution in City Gardens with Dr. Runeckles.

CBC Radio July/Aug. 1982.
"Almanac Interviewed 6 course speakers.

CJAZ Radio May 3, 1983.
Pat Woodcock interviewed in garden.

CKLG Radio May 6, 1983.
Interview with M.L.

CO-OP Radio June 21, 1983.
C.S, P.W. & M.L. interviewed in garden.


CKVU TV Spring, 1981.
"Vancouver Show" interview with Mr. & Mrs. Millen about U.B.C. course.

CBC TV Spring, 1981.
"Take 30" "Urban Agriculture" by Ann Petrie Interviews with M.L., Dr. Bomke, the Millens.

Edmonton Cable TV June 1981.
Interview. 30 min. with slides. From Fairview Conference.

Vancouver Cable 10 TV West End, Burnaby, Richmond. May 17-21, 1982.
"Stanley Court" from garden. Interview with David Fadden

CKVU TV May 21, 1982.
"News" in garden. by Duncan Speight.

CKVU TV June 2, 1982.
"Morning Line" interview in studio. M.L. and Marg Coxon from UBC.

Richmond Cable TV July 13, 1982.
Interview about courses in garden.

Kitsilano Neighbourhood TV May 11, 1983
Interview in garden.


20th International Science Education Symposium "Science as a Human Activity" Oct. 27, 1979.
"City Farming, Energy and the Food System" By M.L. & B.W.

Board of School Trustees Vancouver Dec 18, 1979.
Education Services Group "Environmental Issues" - "Discusses ways to use our urban environment in positive ways" By M.L.

Fairview Conference "Personal Food Production" June 24, 1981.

Session "City Farming"
By M.L.& S.B. Workshop "City Farmer - Journalism and Social Change"

3rd International Conference on Small Scale and Intensive Food Production Oct.26-29, 1981.
Poster Session "Urban Agriculture,

A Development Program for an Underdeveloped Part of the First World
By M.L. in Santa Barbara, Ca. USA

Energy Fair - Ministry of Energy, Mines, and Petroleum Resources. March 13, 1982.
Seminar. "City Farming in Vancouver. How you can eat better and save money too." By M.L. at Robson Square.

Canadian Society for Horticulture Science (CSHS) Agriculture Institute of Canada and Scientific Societies (A.I.C.) July 12, 1982.
Symposium on "Urban Horticulture. "Urban Non-farm Vegetable Production" By Michael Levenston

Canadian Association For Future Studies (CAFS) Aug 15, 1982.
"Canadian Cultural Futures". "Research and experience in developing backyard gardens as a major food source'. By M.L.

Greater Vancouver Food Bank Jan. 1983.
"Information to Directors" By M.L.

Department of Plant Sciences UBC Jan. 27, 1983.
Vegetable Crops Course Part I. "Home Vegetable Production" By M.L. for Prof. Norton Hort. 417

Landscape Architecture Program Dept. of Plant Sciences USC. Feb.4, 1983.
"City Farming" By N.L.

Carnegie Centre Feb. 16, 1983.
"A Community Vegetable Garden! In the Downtown Eastside? Why Not? By M.L.

The Gardener's Show Apr.22 1983.
Lecture "Urban Farming" By M.L. at the PNE Grounds.

The Western Magazine Awards Year 1, June 12, 1983.
Year 2, June 25, 1984. Judge. "Agriculture Category" By M.L.

Language Institute Apr.27,1983
"City Farming" talk by M.L. to an E.S.L. Class.

Department of Plant Sciences UBC Nov.17, 1983.
Lecture to Horticulture 400 class of Prof. Rick Khowles.

Vancouver Garden Club Feb.17, 1983.
"City Farming" By M.L.

New Westminster Garden Club Mar. 8, 1983.
"City Farming" By M.L.

Delta Diggers Mar. 17, 1983.
"City Farming" By M.L.

B.C. Council of Garden Clubs Oct.6,1983.
"City Farming" By M.L.

British Columbia Housing Management Commission "People, Plants and Homes" August, 1983

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